Gena Showalter: The Stone Prince

The Stone Prince Gena Showalter Romance NovelLet’s all go out and kiss hot statues and see if they turn into the men of our dreams!

Jorlan was encased in stone by his own brother and sentenced to an eternity of imprisonment on a foreign planet: Earth.  Katie, an unconventional heroine in that she it tall and ‘one of the boys’, is inexplicably attracted to a certain stone statue in the pleasure garden of the fixer upper she just purchased.

My favorite parts of these time traveling novels has been when the heroin is introducing the hero to the modern world.  That is when I most bond with the hero because we can all relate to being lost and confused at one time or another, right?

The chemistry right off the bat felt natural between the two.  I love this hero because he is the perfect mix of gentleman and hot commanding man. So hot! One thing (of many) that Gena Showalter does is write hot sex scenes but I was a bit disappointed with this one. I was expecting sizzling sex scenes, but the details were a bit glossed over.  If you like sex scenes without too much detail, this is the book for you.

As the novel progressed, Katie’s refusal to commit to Jorlan became a bit repetitive and annoying.  I realize that she has her reasons, but sheesh cold-hearted much?

The antagonist in this novel is Jorlan’s brother Percen.  You want to dislike him, but Showalter does a great job of creating his own backstory and romance within the larger work.

The ending was a bit unsatisfying for me, but at that point I was very frustrated with the stubbornness of all the relevant characters.

Overall it is a good book, but not the best that Gena has ever done.

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