Lori Foster: Fighting Dirty – New Year, New Review

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I hope that you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas and I hope all of your new year’s resolutions are going well.

I know that i have been a bit negligent but I have a new review for you. It is from Lori Foster (you know how much I love her) and it is a must read.

My goodness! I feel like I have been waiting on Armie and Merissa’s story forever and it was totally worth it!

Perfect. Perfection is just what I expected from Lori Foster, Armie and Merissa and it was exactly what I received. I think my favorite part of the book was Armie’s vulnerability. It was his vulnerability that kept him away from Merissa for so long instead of his desire to continue on with the life of a playboy. In this he reminded me of a dog that really wants affection but is afraid of being rejected. This part of him that we got to explore made me like him more as a character and caused me to think of him in a multidimensional way (I know he is a book character but we can all just pretend otherwise, right?).

Previously we have seen Armie as the know-it-all playboy who does his best to keep his distance from and now we get to find out what he went through in his past.

Lori doesn’t wait too long to get right to the romance and the action in her book. Within the first two chapters we catch up with Armie and Merissa regarding the kiss in the hallway of Rowdy’s bar and fall right into the mystery of a suspicious bank robbery.

I enjoyed how both Merissa and Armie’s past came to a head to allow them to overcome an obstacle together. While Armie certainly had issues to push past from his past, I enjoyed that it was Merissa’s past that brought out the skeletons from the closet and into the limelight

In short, go out and get this book when it comes out on February 23, 2016. You will not be disappointed.

*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.*


Lori Foster: Tough Love

Vanity Baker followed her best friend Yvette from California and started to fall in love with Stack “The Wolf” Hannigan the moment she met him.   Stack on the other hand is a little slow on the uptake so Vanity presents him with an indecent proposal that he cannot turn down.

After Yvette and Cannon’s wedding, her offer comes due, but a series of accidents keep them from completing the deal. Vanity is not deterred however and soon she and Stack come together in an explosive act ;-).

Stack and Vanity are just the cutest things! Vanity plans and schemes to reach her ultimate goal while letting Stack believe that he is the one in control of the relationship.  I love how perfect Stack and Vanity are for each other. Stack is the type to want control and Vanity is one to allow him to feel like he has that control unless it is something that she is passionate about. In short, Vanity is not one to let a man walk all over her and it is easy to like her for that reason alone.

We learn a lot about Vanity’s background, but we spend much of the book with Stack’s family – where all the drama stems from. My only critic of this great novel is that the story was so sweet that I wish that there was a darker tension and elements of mystery.

Besides just loving the entire novel, I also love that Foster is keeping us up to date and whetting our desire for Armie and Merissa’s novel which I cannot wait for!

This book is coming out August 25, 2015.

*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.*

Hey Friends!

Hi, guys!  I know it know it has been forever since I have posted a review, but I promise that I will be coming back.  I have started reviewing for San Francisco Book Review.  I get to keeps these books in exchange for my honest opinion of the novel.  Since my reviews will be showing up in two places, here and there, I hope that I will have more reviews for you.

Here is a review that I did for Mandy Baxter’s One Kiss More (A US Marshals Novel).  While this wasn’t by favorite book ever, it is still a pretty good book that you won’t regret reading.

Coming up….. Dark Blood!


I am working on a review for Christine Feehan’s Dark Blood which came out in September of last year.  In the lead up to my review, I thought that I should give you guys some links to review for a few of her older works to get caught up.  Go ahead and check out the reviews for Dark Storm which is book #23 in the Dark series which follows the world of the Carpathians.

Here are a couple of reviews to read from the Fiction Vixen and Red Hot Books to get yourself in the Carpathian state of mind:

Fiction Vixen: Dark Storm

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I enjoyed the book a bit more than these ladies did, but why don’t you go and pick up your own copy and let me know how you like it.

Lori Foster: Back to Buckhorn

Cute, adorable, and with well-meaning misunderstandings that makes you hope that everything will be straightened out and that there is a great big happy ending for all.

This is a great, short little read that can be few in just a few hours – great if you are short on time and just want a little romance as a pick-me-up. This story is about Garrett Hudson and Zoey Hodge. Garrett is the son of Morgan and Misty of the original Buckhorn series. It’s so weird how time moves in this alternate universe because just a couple of years ago I was reading about Morgan, Jordan, Sawyer, and Gabe’s adventures and now they are older with children of their own who are falling in love.

Zoey is cute, awkward, and has had a crush on Garrett since high school. Garrett has also had a crush on Zoey as well. Unfortunate circumstances led these two away from each other, but with Zoey’s mother ill, she is back in town to stay – Garrett just hopes that he can make her stay for him.

I loved this because everyone is so sincere and there are no hidden feelings between any of the characters. My usual complaints about romance novels are that all of the misunderstandings are there just to create a longer book. Lori Foster gave me exactly what I wanted in this book and I could not be happier.

Check out more on Garrett, Zoey, and Buckhorn here.

Lori Foster: Hard Knocks

This is a cute little novella that introduces Lori’s new Ultimate series. Gage ‘Savage’ Ringer and Harper Gates are the focus of this short story. This book is set in one location and all the action takes place in one day. Lori manages to give us a bit of a background so that we feel some connection to the characters.

The characters in this new series are spun from another, Love Undercover, where we got a brief introduction to them.

We meet Harper and Gage after he comes back from months of training. Gage spend months away from Harper and did not speak to her once during their time apart.

You get the impression that Harper has been in love with Gage for a good long while, she has always been there just waiting for him to notice her. He on the other hand takes her a bit for granted – but in a kind of cute sort of way, like he can’t believe that she doesn’t know that he already loves her. Their feelings for each other are pure and you can feel the attraction that they have for each other through the pages.

This novella is very short – under 100 pages- and able to be read in an hour or less. Though there wasn’t too much to this novella, I guess it does what it is meant to do. It wet my appetite for the main first book of the series, No Limits.

Get more info on this sure to be awesome new series at Lori’s website!

I’m Coming Back!

New Year, new motivation. I have been completely M.I.A. these past few weeks because I have been trying my best to balance working a full time job and maintaining my passion. Obviously I have not been doing a good job of it so far, but I promise in the New Year to post at least once a week.

Obviously, I read books before starting on this blog. Because of my minimal – sometimes advanced – OCD, I had told my self that I would not post reviews of new books in a series until I have posted reviews of all the previous book. This idea stressed me out because that is a ton of books I would have to go back and read. The thought of going back and reading all those books was daunting and made this blog feel like work – which is a feeling I have never associated with romance novels before. I have decided that to make life a lot easier for me, and to always have fresh reviews for you all, I will not stress about posting a review of book 25 out of 25 without having reviews on this blog books 1-24. I will instead link to reviews that will give you lovely readers a fair idea of what the series is all about.

So, the New Year means new books and therefore new book reviews! I really hope you are excited to continue this journey through romance with me!