Lori Foster: Tough Love

Vanity Baker followed her best friend Yvette from California and started to fall in love with Stack “The Wolf” Hannigan the moment she met him.   Stack on the other hand is a little slow on the uptake so Vanity presents him with an indecent proposal that he cannot turn down.

After Yvette and Cannon’s wedding, her offer comes due, but a series of accidents keep them from completing the deal. Vanity is not deterred however and soon she and Stack come together in an explosive act ;-).

Stack and Vanity are just the cutest things! Vanity plans and schemes to reach her ultimate goal while letting Stack believe that he is the one in control of the relationship.  I love how perfect Stack and Vanity are for each other. Stack is the type to want control and Vanity is one to allow him to feel like he has that control unless it is something that she is passionate about. In short, Vanity is not one to let a man walk all over her and it is easy to like her for that reason alone.

We learn a lot about Vanity’s background, but we spend much of the book with Stack’s family – where all the drama stems from. My only critic of this great novel is that the story was so sweet that I wish that there was a darker tension and elements of mystery.

Besides just loving the entire novel, I also love that Foster is keeping us up to date and whetting our desire for Armie and Merissa’s novel which I cannot wait for!

This book is coming out August 25, 2015.

*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.*


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