Lori Foster: Back to Buckhorn

Cute, adorable, and with well-meaning misunderstandings that makes you hope that everything will be straightened out and that there is a great big happy ending for all.

This is a great, short little read that can be few in just a few hours – great if you are short on time and just want a little romance as a pick-me-up. This story is about Garrett Hudson and Zoey Hodge. Garrett is the son of Morgan and Misty of the original Buckhorn series. It’s so weird how time moves in this alternate universe because just a couple of years ago I was reading about Morgan, Jordan, Sawyer, and Gabe’s adventures and now they are older with children of their own who are falling in love.

Zoey is cute, awkward, and has had a crush on Garrett since high school. Garrett has also had a crush on Zoey as well. Unfortunate circumstances led these two away from each other, but with Zoey’s mother ill, she is back in town to stay – Garrett just hopes that he can make her stay for him.

I loved this because everyone is so sincere and there are no hidden feelings between any of the characters. My usual complaints about romance novels are that all of the misunderstandings are there just to create a longer book. Lori Foster gave me exactly what I wanted in this book and I could not be happier.

Check out more on Garrett, Zoey, and Buckhorn here.


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