Lori Foster: Hard Knocks

This is a cute little novella that introduces Lori’s new Ultimate series. Gage ‘Savage’ Ringer and Harper Gates are the focus of this short story. This book is set in one location and all the action takes place in one day. Lori manages to give us a bit of a background so that we feel some connection to the characters.

The characters in this new series are spun from another, Love Undercover, where we got a brief introduction to them.

We meet Harper and Gage after he comes back from months of training. Gage spend months away from Harper and did not speak to her once during their time apart.

You get the impression that Harper has been in love with Gage for a good long while, she has always been there just waiting for him to notice her. He on the other hand takes her a bit for granted – but in a kind of cute sort of way, like he can’t believe that she doesn’t know that he already loves her. Their feelings for each other are pure and you can feel the attraction that they have for each other through the pages.

This novella is very short – under 100 pages- and able to be read in an hour or less. Though there wasn’t too much to this novella, I guess it does what it is meant to do. It wet my appetite for the main first book of the series, No Limits.

Get more info on this sure to be awesome new series at Lori’s website!


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