Abigail Strom: Almost Like Love

abigail strom almost like loveThis is my first NetGalley book. Woohooo!! This means that I got to read this book for free in exchange for my honest review.

Maybe I am just a really bitter person or something, but I find it hard to believe that anybody would be as forgiving of a boss firing him or her as our heroine is to our hero. So for the purpose of this book we are just going to skip over the ethical issues of hitting on people that you just fired. Yep. Just skipping right over that. We are also not going to talk about calling said fired person and asking them to babysit for you the next day. Nope.

Kate Meredith is your classic goody two-shoes girl. Smart, nerdy, and hot without even realizing it. When she gets dumped by her fiancé and fired in the same 8-hour span, she decides that it is time to do a 180 and quit her good girl life.

Ian Hart is a wolf in sheep clothing. As the VP of programming, he plays the part of the corporate stooge very well. So well in fact that he fires Kate when her show ratings tank. Underneath it all he is the quintessential bad boy.

Ian never really liked Kate, but one night he spots her in a dominatrix-like outfit and suddenly he decides that he needs to save her from all the men looking to potentially ravage her. He wants to be her white knight after firing her and never previously liking her when she was just her dowdy self. BUT, I pretty quickly came to see that Ian starts liking Kate for herself and not just her sexyfied version.

So, I always feel a bit awkward reading the steamy scenes by new authors because I just feel like I don’t know them well enough yet. Well, I’ll just let you know that I had to get over that really quickly cause this book wasn’t slowing it down for me and I loved it.

I really like the character of Kate. She is smart, nerdy, and a romantic. My favorite part of her personality was that she was strong and did not let Ian get away with anything. I just like to think that I see a bit of myself in her :). She is so rational and normal and doesn’t go off and get angry for no reason like a lot of romance heroines do in some books. Basically, she is a breath of fresh air.

Overall, the plot felt realistic. I thought that it was something that could actually happen in real life and that reality helped me stay engaged with the story and the characters. I won’t give away the ending, but I loved it because it also felt real. It was slow, easy, and didn’t feel too rushed. It fit into the story and characters well.

Even though I had some issues with the characters in the beginning, I came to realize that they weren’t too different from each other and that they could actually fall for each other.

In conclusion, run –don’t walk- to get this book when it comes out on the 28th of this month!

You should check out Abigail Strom’s website to learn more about her and her other books.


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