Carly Phillips: Dare to Desire

CarlyPhillips_DareToDesireAfter reading the first of the Dare to Love Series I was a lot hesitant to continue on with the series. Even though I did not like the first book, I have this need to finish series’ and I am glad I went on to this book.

Alex Dare is the typical playboy quarterback for the Tampa Breakers. Madison Evans is a social worker with abandonment issues. This unlikely couple is brought together through a mutual friend. When an injury permanently sidelines Alex’s career, his relationship with Madison falls apart. Months later a unique business opportunity comes along for Alex – except there is a catch. He and Madison must come together to work a project that means a lot to both of them. Alex realizes Madison is the only woman for him, but she is determined to keep him away as to protect herself.

This second books was a great improvement over the first. We met Alex and Madison in Dare to Love (Book 1). When we join them again they are already a few months into their relationship. I did not like that once again we were dropped into the middle of the situation. I would have liked to see how Alex picked Madison up and how their relationship developed from there. I felt a little robbed in that respect.

Well-developed characters made up for the lack of relationship building in the beginning. Madison and Alex were relatable and likeable. I especially liked how they resolved their issues early on in the book so that we had the majority of the novel to like them as individuals and as a couple.

Overall, this is a good easy book for when you want something light to read. It probably won’t be a book you come to again and again, but one you will not regret having read.

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  1. Elan Mudrow · September 27, 2014

    Nice review, well written.
    check out:

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