Lora Leigh: Wild Card

20 pages into this book and I had to grab a pen and paper to write my love letter toloraleighwildcard Lora Leigh. Seriously, I have yet to come across a Lora Leigh book that I have not loved. She is amazing. She has the incredible ability to draw you in to become instantly emotionally tangled with the characters that she created.

Sabella and Nathan Malone, a SEAL, were married for just 2 short years before she was told that he died in the line of duty.

But Nathan didn’t die. He went through horrors that almost broke him, and is determined to stay away from Bella as to not endanger her. But danger already surrounds Bella and Noah has no choice but to re-enter her life.

6 years later, Bella is doing everything she can to hang onto Nathan’s garage while keeping the vultures away. In walks Noah Blake, a mysterious dominating man who seems to want everything that nation had. Especially Bella. For Bella, Noah reminds her too much of her husband. Bella is determined to discover Noah’s Secret and find out who he really is.

The book started out really strong. The middle was a tiny bit so-so for me because I thought that it got a little bit too technical, and it left a great overall impression at the end. The characters grew through out the novel – from when we met them the first time, until we met them again 6 years later. When they were married Bella and Nathan were still getting comfortable with each other. Bella pretended to be the airheaded Southern belle for Nathan because she knew that he needed to be the badass Navy SEAL. After being on her own for a few years after her husband’s death, we really begin to see that Bella is super strong and someone that I, as a reader, can really look up to. I didn’t really see the same growth in Nathan/Noah, (not a spoiler, you find out pretty early on) but he did come to realize that Bella is really strong capable of doing things on her own.

Overall, this is a very good book that you will enjoy many a time. The sex scenes  are super hot and you will not be disappointed.

Check out an excerpt of this awesome book here!


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