Maya Banks: Sweet Addiction

Sweet Addiction is book 6 of the Sweet series so I strongly suggest you read the first 5 books before you get to this one!

As a connoisseur of romance novels, I have come to expect that novels will flow in a certain pattern. First, the two leads meet. It might be love at first sight, or they might hate each other from the get go.

Sweet Addiction Maya BanksAfter a bit of back and forth, they begin their relationship and slowly (in the realm of the romance novel), but surely fall in love. Predictably something, or someone, from one or both of the leads past comes to introduce drama and doubt to the leads. They get scared and/or feel the need to give up on their relationship for the safety of the other person and then run off. Either that or they fight and break up. In the end they come to their senses and figure out that they love each other and are stronger together than apart.

What I love about Maya Banks Sweet Addiction is that is was unpredictable and it kept me guessing.

I’m used to novels where the two main perspectives are those of the leads I am meant to like, and if there is a third perspective, it is that of the creeper stalker person who has nefarious designs on the couple.

Having read the previous books in the series (I promise to upload those later!), I knew which characters I was meant to like. The female lead was likeable enough so that was not an issue. It was the third ‘lead’ that was a surprise to me and shows Maya’s mastery in creating her world.

Cole and Ren have a past. He was her dominant until he walked away from her for her own good. Fast forward 10 years and Ren catches Cole’s eye again, but this time she is in a relationship with Lucas. For some odd reason Lucas gives Ren to Cole for two weeks – something about making sure she was happy with him. At the end of the two weeks Cole and Lucas expect Ren to make a decision between the two men.

I found myself eager to get to the end of the novel – in a good way. I wanted to know what decisions would be made because where I usually have some idea of what I would like the end result to be, in this I had no expectations. I was sympathized with the decision that the female lead had to make. I was conflicted when she was and I was sad when she was.

If I absolutely had to pick on something that bothered me about this book it was that there was just too many sex scenes. I know. It was a complete hardship to read.

Head over HERE for an excerpt!!


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