Christine Feehan: Burning Wild

coverThis is part of the Leopard Series, but can stand completely on its own.

I picked up my first Carpathian series book sometime in junior high and I have been obsessed with Christine Feehan ever since.  Literally everything the woman writes is pure gold.

When I first read Burning Wild a few years ago, I did not connect with it like I did with all of Christine’s (can I call her that? Like we are friends or something? – In my dreams.) other novels. Jake was a bit too hard, controlling, and calculating for my tastes back then. But, as I matured in my readings, I kept coming back to this novel.  As of now, I must have read this novel in its entirety about 6 times, and I don’t believe that I will ever get tired of it.

Jake Bannaconni comes from a family of cold, unfeeling people.  He has only known pain a betrayal when it comes to dealing with the world. He is extremely untrusting, has no friends, and is attempting to fight the ‘other’ that exists inside of him.  He finds himself chasing the mother of his unborn child down a busy highway, and within that tragedy, he and Emma’s lives collide.

Emma on the other hand comes from a close-knit family.  She loses her parents as a teen in a mysterious car accident.  She is loving and caring, basically everything Jake is not.

I believe the reason I did not immediately love this book the first time that I read it was that the chemistry was not instantaneous. Like I said earlier, Jake was too calculating to me and I knew that his initial goal was not to fall in love, or have Emma fall in love with him.  I realize now that if he had immediately fallen in love with Emma, it would have been wrong and not true to his character.  Feehan builds a truly beautiful and lasting relationship between two strangers who have just been through a terrible tragedy.

Another thing I love about Mrs. Feehan’s novels is that she does not skimp on the sex scenes.  There are literally pages and pages of them getting down to erotic business and Jake is the perfect commanding lover.

This is a longer book (at 489 pages according to my e-reader), but it is necessary to get the full backstory that will make you fall deeper in love with the characters as the novel progresses.

Get more on Jake and Emma.


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