Lara Adrian: Kiss of Midnight

Midnight Breed Series: Book One


Now, I am a girl who devoured J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series and this seems to be a series that can (maybe) stand up to it.

A young mother abandons her baby in a trashcan after being attacked, and twenty-seven years later, the baby that was abandoned is grown, and finds herself plunged into a world of the supernatural.

Lucan Thorne’s mission is to rid the world of rogue vampires.  Gabrielle Maxwell, a photographer with a penchant of photographing empty abandoned buildings, just witnessed a vicious, gruesome attack and nobody will believe her except for the mysterious cop who checks up on her.  After Gabrielle’s life is threatened once again, Lucan has no choice but to bring her into the fold of the Breeds and expose all his secrets.

Gabrielle now knows that she is not crazy and fights to understand the new world in which she finds herself thrust into and the love that could be if she fights for it.  Lucan is a loner and believes that love is not in the cards for him. In the end, he realizes what he has in front of him, but it just might be too late.

Just when I thought that this series was getting a bit predictable, a huge twist kept me interested in the story.

Lara does a great job of building a believable world that the series exists in.  We learn a bit about each character we will (most likely) see more of in the future.

Read more about the series here!


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