Lori Foster: Forever Buckhorn

Lori Foster: Forever Buckhorn We get a two in one in this continuation of Lori Foster’s Buckhorn series. Let’s start with the cover.  Yum, can I say hotness overload?! (that is called an interrobang! Get it? Interrobang, haha) Images of muscle-bound men on a book cover make me a very happy girl.

Gabe, the youngest of the brothers from Buckhorn, falls for a college student (Elizabeth) who is determined to frame him as a hero. I really related to ‘Lizzy’ because she is just a college student trying to complete her thesis while I am a grad student trying to complete my project. (See, we are pretty much the same person.)  When she see seeks out Gabe to interview for her thesis, she does not expect to find him so different (and hot!) from her other subjects.  Gabe for his part is sick of the attention that has come his way since his heroic act and would much rather that it is all forgotten.  He is also mighty curious as to how Lizzy can wear so many clothes by the water in the middle of summer.  He does what any good hero does and sets out to loosen her up.

Jordan’s story felt a bit rushed, more so than Gabe’s.  His story involved Georgia, a single mother of two who works and sings at a bar.  Her story wasn’t any different from the many of the same idea. It was completely expected through and through. Georgia in general likeable, but I didn’t see anything special about her.

The sex scenes for Gabe’s story were hot, hot, hot while the one (really one!) for Jordan was so-so.

While the briefness of the story did not allow much time to bond with the new ladies of the series (I felt more of a connection to Lizzy than I did with Georgia), I enjoyed it for the updates on my old favorite characters.

I sure do know one thing about this series…I can’t wait to ready Casey’s story.  It will be a good one.

Follow the link here for an excerpt.


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